Professional Cleaning Services
for Wilmington, NC

No Matter Where You Are, It’s Got to Be Clean!

Any building, home or other structure needs regular, thorough cleaning and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. By necessity, different structures require different levels and types of cleaning. You can’t go into an office building and be able to clean it if you brought the tools you would normally use in a residential setting.

Whether you have a home or an industrial complex, you can count on Straighten Up to come ready to clean the place the best, most efficient way possible. Here are some of the services we offer.


One of the most time consuming tasks for home builders is the final clean up before a home goes on sale. Read more about how our experienced home cleaning pros can do the tough work.


If you run office buildings or office spaces, your clients spend a large amount of the waking hours in your facility. Make sure they feel that you’re taking care of them.


Straighten Up is here to help you take care of your castle! We are fast and efficient so get your dwelling spotless and are out of your home as quickly as possible.


There comes a time when you just need a little more “oomph” being a cleaning job. Periodic deep cleaning can rejuvenate a home or facility. Let us show you how we do it.

Move In/Out

Moving is exhausting. After the last box leaves, the last thing you want to deal with is clearing out accumulated dust and grunge. Straighten Up is the answer where you are too tired to deal.

After Party

Let’s just say that, today, you are not in a good state to restore your home to a livable state. Straighten Up will come to your rescue and have your home back to being a home in no time.


Organizing your home takes a surprising amount of stress off your shoulders. Affordable hourly rates.