What Sets Us Apart

Quality Cleaning

Every cleaning service claims to be dedicated to “quality cleaning”. But for those of us at Straighten Up, we believe that it’s not just the cleaning itself that is important. We believe that how our customers feel when we are in their space, allowing us to do our job is also crucial to us. If we can come in and beautify the space, all the while leaving our customers at ease and happy that they are going to have a more stress-free environment, then we feel that we are truly giving a Quality Cleaning.

Professional Staff

Our staff are vetted according to Straighten Up’s standards of professionalism and trained up to follow tight quality controls. After all, if we aren’t organized and efficient, how can our customers expect us to make their space that way? Our staff knows the power of well-rehearsed methods for getting the most clean into the time allotted and management holds them to it. You can feel the difference when we work for you.

Affordable Rates

No matter how good we are, if we didn’t have outstanding rates, then we wouldn’t be a lot of use to you. We understand the value of a dollar especially in these times and we promise that we will always give you the fairest quote for the work you receive.

Call Straighten Up today or contact us on our contact page to get a quote. We promise you’ll see and feel the difference that a quality cleaning service makes.